MNMGT582-19A (HAM)

Research Methods in Management Studies for Economics and Finance

15 Points

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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa
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You can contact staff by:

  • Calling +64 7 838 4466 select option 1, then enter the extension.
  • Extensions starting with 4, 5, 9 or 3 can also be direct dialled:
    • For extensions starting with 4: dial +64 7 838 extension.
    • For extensions starting with 5: dial +64 7 858 extension.
    • For extensions starting with 9: dial +64 7 837 extension.
    • For extensions starting with 3: dial +64 7 2620 + the last 3 digits of the extension e.g. 3123 = +64 7 262 0123.
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Paper Description

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This 15 point module (half paper) considers methodology and research methods. It is designed for graduate students who are required to undertake research in economics or finance as part of their programme and/or for those who will carry out research in their professional careers.
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Paper Structure

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Students should attend the MNMGT582 lectures which are held on Thursdays (11 am -1 pm) in weeks 1-6 and in the last two weeks of the semester. For the first six weeks of the semester, students should also attend the MNMGT581 (Research Methods) lectures (Mondays 3-5 and Thursdays 9-11).The provisional list of topics is detailed below.
  • Paper introduction (Feb 28)
  • Methodology and a short introduction to the philosophy of science (March 7)

  • The role of mathematics and statistics in research (March 14)
  • Why economists disagree, and systematic methods for studying disagreement (March 21)
  • How to structure a written argument in applied economics and finance (March 28)
  • The methodology of policy advice (April 4)


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Learning Outcomes

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Students who successfully complete the course should be able to:

  • Evaluate general frameworks for and approaches to research
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Perform a comprehensive literature review of a chosen area of research
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Critically read and evaluate research articles; more specifically, they should be able to critically analyze the comparative strengths and weaknesses of different research strategies for a given research question
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Explain the research process and the literature, tools and techniques associated with each phase of the process from library research through objective specification, topic analysis, hypothesis formulation, selection of the research strategies and design,
    Linked to the following assessments:
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The four assessment items are listed below. Please do NOT do the assessments for MNMGT581.
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Assessment Components

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The internal assessment/exam ratio (as stated in the University Calendar) is 100:0. There is no final exam. The final exam makes up 0% of the overall mark.

The internal assessment/exam ratio (as stated in the University Calendar) is 100:0 or 0:0, whichever is more favourable for the student. The final exam makes up either 0% or 0% of the overall mark.

Component DescriptionDue Date TimePercentage of overall markSubmission MethodCompulsory
1. Methodology Paper
28 Mar 2019
11:00 AM
  • Online: Submit through Moodle
2. Critical Review of Written Argument Structure
11 Apr 2019
11:00 AM
  • Online: Submit through Moodle
3. Research idea presentation
23 May 2019
11:00 AM
  • Presentation: In Class
4. Research idea
13 Jun 2019
5:00 PM
  • Online: Submit through Moodle
Assessment Total:     100    
Failing to complete a compulsory assessment component of a paper will result in an IC grade
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Required and Recommended Readings

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Required Readings

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The main text for the paper is:
Business Research Methods, Alan Bryman and Emma Bell, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003/2007. (HD30.4 .B79 2007)

Any basic research methods text can substitute for this text. The intent is to have a reference for questions that might arise during the course or in the future. The paper will not follow the text per se, but it is anticipated that students will wish to consult it periodically now and throughout their research lives.

Also, two other texts are held in the university library and will be on course reserve. These books are:

Case Study Research: Design and Methods, R.K. Yin, Sage, London, 2009. (H62.Y56 2009)

Mail and Internet Surveys: The Tailored Design Method,Don A. Dillman, Wiley-Interscience, New York, 2000. (HN29.D55 2000)

In addition, several journal articles are prescribed reading for this paper. Links to these will be be supplied via Moodle.

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Recommended Readings

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Details of recommended readings will be provided in Moodle
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Online Support

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On-line support will be provided via Moodle
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For this paper, you might expect to spend around 150-200 hours in total during the semester.
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Restricted papers: MNGT502

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