MRKTG101-19A (TGA)

Fundamentals of Successful Marketing

15 Points

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  • Calling +64 7 838 4466 select option 1, then enter the extension.
  • Extensions starting with 4, 5, 9 or 3 can also be direct dialled:
    • For extensions starting with 4: dial +64 7 838 extension.
    • For extensions starting with 5: dial +64 7 858 extension.
    • For extensions starting with 9: dial +64 7 837 extension.
    • For extensions starting with 3: dial +64 7 2620 + the last 3 digits of the extension e.g. 3123 = +64 7 262 0123.
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Paper Description

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Marketing is about understanding and creating customer value, and is at the heart of any successful organisation. A full range of core concepts are introduced including business orientations, environmental analysis, marketing research, segmentation, target marketing and positioning, the marketing mix, service marketing, and international marketing. New skills are developed and demonstrated through a range of integrated assessments that culminate in the Marketing Trade Show assignment. The Trade Show is a centerpiece of the WMS calendar, providing students with the ability to develop collaborative team work expertise, working together to produce a practical application of the skills developed throughout this course. By the end of the course students should have an understanding of the core principles that drive successful brand positioning based upon an understanding of how to create marketing value in the modern marketplace. The course also introduces students to the latest digital developments in marketing, including new media marketing, content marketing, and Omni-Channel retailing.
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Paper Structure

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There are various activities in this paper:

  • Lectures: Students are expected to have read the relevant chapter from the text, and lecture notes before classes, and to have undertaken the required exercises.
  • Lecture classes will be used to:

    (a) clarify any questions you might have from the relevant chapters in the textbook;

    (b) highlight important marketing theories, concepts/principles and issues, and;

    (c) bring marketing principles to life by using New Zealand and international examples.

  • Tutorials: Tutorials will take place in lecture sessions. This is different to previous iterations of the paper. Tutorials provide opportunities to engage with marketing concepts and knowledge through practical exercises and activities. You will also be involved in group work, some of which contributes towards the Marketing Trade Show exhibit
  • Test
  • Guest speaker
  • Marketing Trade Show Exhibit
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Learning Outcomes

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Students who successfully complete the course should be able to:

  • Identify what drives customer value for different segments and how to capture that value through the marketing mix
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Demonstrate an ability to segment markets, select target markets, and position a brand to achieve a differential advantage
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Discuss the marketing implications of the changing environment for marketing managers, in particular, the changing technological environment and aspects of social media
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Develop strong marketing mix responses based upon basic marketing research techniques including Omni-Channel applications
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Demonstrate competencies in group work, written and oral presentation skills.
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Practise the oral and written skills necessary for effective team communication of ideas in appropriate academic format.
    Linked to the following assessments:
  • Demonstrate how marketing decisions are related to the commercial dimensions of everyday life.
    Linked to the following assessments:
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Assessment Components

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The internal assessment/exam ratio (as stated in the University Calendar) is 50:50. There is no final exam. The final exam makes up 50% of the overall mark.

The internal assessment/exam ratio (as stated in the University Calendar) is 50:50 or 0:0, whichever is more favourable for the student. The final exam makes up either 50% or 0% of the overall mark.

Component DescriptionDue Date TimePercentage of overall markSubmission MethodCompulsory
1. Tutorials
  • In Class: In Lecture
2. Participation - Tutorial Assignments, Tutorial Prep and Exercises
  • Online: Submit through Moodle
3. Test
3 Apr 2019
2:00 PM
  • In Class: In Lecture
4. Marketing Trade Show Exhibit, Pitch
22 May 2019
1:00 PM
  • Other: Marketing Trade Show Event
5. Exam
Assessment Total:     100    
Failing to complete a compulsory assessment component of a paper will result in an IC grade
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Required and Recommended Readings

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Required Readings

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Online open source text book. The various chapters will be accessible via Waikato Reading List for this paper.

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Recommended Readings

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Grewal, Levy, Mathews, Harrigan, Bucic, Kopanidis (2018), Marketing 2nd Ed. McGraw Hill Education (Australia). Ebook is Available.

Perrin, R. (2011). Pocket guide to APA style (4th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

NZ Marketing Magazine is highly recommended reading. You have full electronic access to this magazine online through the Library provides daily news about marketing, advertising and media.

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Online Support

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Please ensure you are familiar with Moodle and can access additional materials that are available online.
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Attendance at Lectures34
Reading ahead of Lecture25
Attendance at Tutorials8
Tutorial Assignments30
Preparation for Test15

Marketing Trade Show Exhibit

Preparation for Final Exam20
Total hours for the paper150
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Linkages to Other Papers

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Restricted papers: MKTG151 and MKTG209

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